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Welcome to the place where I exercise my right to be commentator, advocate, or as some might see it, babbler. What ever your take is, this is where I can take what I have seen and try to make sense by writing it out. Take the ride or don't but I hope something here will resonate with someone out there. My take on humanity right now? We aren't getting it right, but I like to think that given a second chance, we could all get it right. If you do venture into my ramblings I hope you can stay a minute and read two of my posts. They are "Innocence Lost, A Challenge Gained" and "The Hollywood Glandslide" I am a journalism student but please don't read these with a critical eye. I have not stopped to punctuate correctly, nor have I "essayified" them. These are written when the thoughts strike me, and therefore I do not want to "pretty them up." I wanted to catch my thoughts as they came and then later on go back and read them to see if my ideas change over time. Please feel free to comment, this may have a bearing on whether or not my ideas do change. And change... if for the better, is always a step in the right direction.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Am I the only one here?

Well kids, here goes. My first post, on my first blog. Quite daunting I must say, as I feel as if I am putting myself out there for the whole world to see. Funny thing is, I may be the only one reading this!
Couple of things to tell you first, the first being that, hey why is my computer flashing the hourglass symbol?? is someone spying on my and my puter, oh yah that is one of things I should tell you. I am just a little paranoid when it comes to writing personal stuff. So I may be just a bit vauge at times, but overall I will try to give an honest open account of my life and how I view myself in it. Of course it may not matter to 99.99999% of the population but hey I want to use this as a place I can talk to myself and maybe others might listen in and find some stuff entertaining, funny, thought provoking, and hopefully others will want to tune in to, How the heck did she get herself into that!! I am not the kind of person to morally offend (usually) so if you are wanting the Holy %#*! Factor this is probably not the blog for you.
Anyways that is my opening statement and I am stickin' to it. see you soon!
ps I am hoping to include some of my pics I like to take, and also some of my journalism articles that I am writing for school.... hopefully on the latter some of you Newsies out there can give me pointers!