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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Bitter Pill


How, what, when, where, and what the hell is it all about

These are all the questions I’d like to figure out

Figure out the answers line them in a row

Shove them down like sugar pills and understand the how

How is it that I am here and the one who should be not

Did all the favour come her way quite free or simply bought

How is it that I am punished and she is laughing still

How is it that I’m strapped down and fed the bitter pill

The pill of knowing innocence yet  forced a guilty stamp

her mouth quite free to waggle yet mine is firmly clamped.

So answer all these questions, or at least please give a clue

So I can find some peace of mind

and finally understand in time

how she’s killed this my world  of mine

and when will she be through.


-colleen hannah

When you have been the victim of harassment for three years, been screamed at, accused of stalking, all because you asked her to stop flooding your apartment with pot, and when you finally cannot take it, and you finally write an angry letter, and the person who has harassed you convinces all those around that you are the “bad one,” somehow it all seems wrong, and you feel alone, and your world seems shattered. So you do what you know, write a poem.

On a Lonely Frozen Night


I stand on the balcony

between stars and reality

I look up and call out “Mommy”

and I see a streaking light

and I know

you are watching me

and I know

you watch over me

and warmth seeps in

on this sad and sorrowed evening

and warmth surrounds me

on this lonely frozen night

and your meteoric memory

brings me back to life.

–colleen hannah –

for my Mom who lived with and died from ALS. So often I will look up  and before I can scarcely call out her name a meteor will streak across the darkened sky. She was always a meteor in life and now that she is able to dance again, she is dancing amongst the stars, and sending me a sign she still watches over me. I love you Mommy.