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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Peace, quiet, and no one slapping me upside the head!

Sometimes you just want a place where all is right. Where all is well and ... ALL IS NOT HITTING YOU UPSIDE THE HEAD!
On days such as these, I head to the place I know that life takes a breathe. A place where nature is the only force that I have to reckon with.
This place long ago ceased to be just a geographic spot on the map, but instead somehow became my closest friend.
This place is the ocean's edge.
I know I can go there and be comforted as a friend comforts a friend.
I know I am allowed to cry there, laugh there, scream at the top of my lungs and rant there. I can build a rock tower and pretend to be one with zen there at the edge of the water. I can write all my hopes and dreams in the sand for the heavens to see, or I can pour out my heart with sadness and rage and then stand back and watch the ocean cleanse it away. And with the water I too feel cleansed.
As a child, I would go there and find solace in the power of the waves. I some how felt that this place of immense power was a place of safety for me. To see the might with which the waves could carve stone was a sight that instilled a sense of power within the frightened, powerless child that I was. I felt that if there was a power such as this and it was created by something, anything, then there must be this hope for me.
As an adult that is still sometimes that frightened small child, I go back there and can retrieve that hope. I know that the ocean and its edge will always be there, a constant in my life of change, and I am comforted.
At times my adult brain wants to believe in the hopelessness that can come with too much information. But the child in me, reaches up and surges forth, and remembers...
I thank you my old friend. I will visit soon.

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