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Monday, March 19, 2007

Some days you just want to smile and have the whole world smile back.
This ain't one of those days!
Sorry but it's true. I just got back from school after handing in something cuz I missed school again today. Second week I have been sick and I have to make it to school otherwise I am in jeopardy of being exempt from my English exam.
Gah! I just want to feel human!!!! I am posting a poem I wrote, sure hope nobody likes it enough to plagerize, although I hope someone likes it enough to think about it!
It's a poem I wrote the other day cuz I was sick and tired of being sick and... well you know the rest. Yah I know kind of emotionally dramatic, but hey even happy bunny over there can't break through this blah!
ok here it is... a little depressing but hey, I'll get over it.

Poisonous Claw
Morning comes, no greetings of joyful abandon
No thoughts of walking in beautiful sunrises
The only thought that is entertained is the want for death,
or at the very least, hibernation for months till maybe just maybe,
this body could wake, feeling bearish but alive.
If only I was a bear that awakes grumpy and hungry, and when it's belly fills,
it feels alive, ready.
This thought is a good one, but alas never for me.
I instead, am condemned to awaken
with the feeling that someone shot me in the night,
with a poison quill.
Every morning it is as if
the quill is laid to rest within my flesh,
and it's poison is doing what it was made for.
Silent it crawls through my cells of blood,
making it's way through my nerve endings.
My nerves feel the poison,
they let it wrap around them like,
a voracious vine looking for sun,
each tentacle wrapped tighter, tighter,
till it is anchored in just....
the right place and the creeping stops.
This is what I wake to,
this is my life... what everyone else deems the start of a new day.
Do I want to start this new day, with it's poisonous claw?
Yes.... and I always will.
written by c.h march 19/2007

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