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Welcome to the place where I exercise my right to be commentator, advocate, or as some might see it, babbler. What ever your take is, this is where I can take what I have seen and try to make sense by writing it out. Take the ride or don't but I hope something here will resonate with someone out there. My take on humanity right now? We aren't getting it right, but I like to think that given a second chance, we could all get it right. If you do venture into my ramblings I hope you can stay a minute and read two of my posts. They are "Innocence Lost, A Challenge Gained" and "The Hollywood Glandslide" I am a journalism student but please don't read these with a critical eye. I have not stopped to punctuate correctly, nor have I "essayified" them. These are written when the thoughts strike me, and therefore I do not want to "pretty them up." I wanted to catch my thoughts as they came and then later on go back and read them to see if my ideas change over time. Please feel free to comment, this may have a bearing on whether or not my ideas do change. And change... if for the better, is always a step in the right direction.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

As The World Turns; A slightly changed version.

Well, well, it's that time of year again, a birthday is about to assault me. Yes... a truly wonderful time to go insane!

I really have to get my humour back don't I? I told you all this was to be a place to laugh and have fun at my expense but I am just dragging you all down with my in the downward spiral.

But I believe tomorrow will be a turning point. Yes indeedy, it is gonna be the start of a new day.

Well Duh! tomorrow is a new day anyway, but seriously I am even going to buy myself a lottery ticket because I am sooo sure it will be a new era of happiness, prosperity and a turning point in my health. Ok well one out of 3 would be great. And 2 out of 3 I will definately take!

So tune in next time on... "AS THE TRULY NUTS WORLD TURNS" In the next episode we will see this overly optimistic woman buy a lottery ticket and win, get all A's at college, walk outside find her crappy car has been stolen but in it's place someone has left her an brand new Candy Apple Red Tesla, and she finds her keys don't fit her 400ft sqare apartment but they fit the 4 thousand sqare foot mansion that is on the water front. All in all it will be an exciting episode. So tune in and have your life changed too; just by watching!

See you soon!

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