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Thursday, January 07, 2010

For women in crisis (hope is the first note)

NEVER SINGING, SINGING. (hope is the first note)

Never singing singing

To his chafed and calloused touch

To his time for him

and him alone. To his bark

that breaks my bones

Never singing singing

To the place I live a lie

To the girl gone in the mirror

To the backbone sick and dying

Never singing singing

To the children

never raised. To the spirit dead

within me. To my body

on the grave.

Just sing one note, damn you,

my voice, reflected, cries.

one single


intensive note

is all that is required.


that note

I will never sing

to the place where murmurs grow

To the left and to

the wrong of those

who talk

but never know

If they would only Stop

their natter, and intonate

to me

I may a day

find my voice

then singing I would leave

But never singing singing

the metronome

still plays

its wicked little ticking game

I sweep

my tomb in time

and wait.

written by me- Driving Miss Crazy aka- Colleen Hannah, for an assignment in Poetry, I wrote it for the women, I have known, who have lived, and those who still live, in an abusive relationship. So often these women are hurt not only by their spouses, but they are also hurt by those they thought they could trust and count on. There are many who truly are there for these women, but I chose to write about those who "talk the talk," then runaway when it is time for the woman to walk away. That woman needs someone who will be there not just to pray or say the right things, but instead, to be there when she leaves, when she leaves everything behind. But sadly, as I have written in my poem, so many don't make it to that first step, and instead, are chained to another's steps, leading to the inevitable end of an abusive relationship.

So, if you are someone who knows a woman in crisis, give her the gift of that first note, give her hope, by helping her in some meaningful and tangible way. Perhaps find out where the safe houses are in your neigbourhood or city then give her the list or keep it hidden but ready for her. Perhaps you can drive her to a doctor who can help her find safety. Maybe you could just let her know that your door is always open and you, and I mean all of us, including me. Perhaps that is too scary for you, then you could always help her by letting her know you will take a call from her at any time day or night. These are just a few ways you could help. Just the idea that someone cares enough to keep in contact and knows her secrets but still cares for her anyway is a deep and resonating note of hope.

I know so many of you out there do help and things are changing, but for those who are still "trapped" and can find no reason to sing, I promise

there can be a day for singing. Hope is the first note.

Take care all out there, let's start singing!

To all those out there who struggle, I can offer nothing more than my belief in hope, and a better, safer day will come.

I pray you take it with you.

Love and care to all out there, Colleen

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